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See "&" below.) Central Pressure: The observed or estimated central pressure of the hurricane at landfall. Winds are estimated to the nearest 10 kt for the period of 1851 to 1885 and to the nearest 5 kt for the period of 1886 to date.

Maximum Winds: Estimated maximum sustained (1-min) surface (10 m) winds to occur along the U. (1 kt = 1.15 mph.) * - Indicates that the hurricane center did not make a U. landfall (or substantially weakened before making landfall), but did produce the indicated hurricane-force winds over land.

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Thus the winds indicated here are lower than in HURDAT.

# - Indicates that the hurricane made landfall over Mexico, but also caused sustained hurricane force surface winds in Texas.


The Florida peninsula, by the nature of its relatively landmass, is all considered as coastal in this database. ("TS" indicates that the system caused only tropical storm conditions in the United States, though it was a hurricane at landfall.The following list provides estimated dates when accurate tropical cyclone records began for specified regions of the United States based upon U.


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