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If you’re the one sleeping with your boss, then you will be seen as having power over your colleagues, and being in a privileged position. Even Erica, who had no interest in promoting herself through her office affair, knew she was being treated differently as a result: “I certain received some minor preferential treatment (getting to leave early, going on long lunch breaks with him) and I liked it.” But did she feel particularly guilty about this?“Not at all – I was too involved in our little world to care about anything else.” And there’s the other side of the coin – the way it impacts on your female colleagues, and the environment it creates for them.In fact, in a sea of over 700 anonymous parliamentary researchers, having your name out there on the rumour mill like that can give your career a bit of a boost.” But before you try and boost your CV with a bit of extra curricular, don’t forget that for every story where the woman gets the promotion she’s always been after following a harmless dalliance in the stationary cupboard, there are 50 more cringe-inducing tales of catastrophe and career hara-kiri.


I don’t just mean secretaries sleeping with their bosses - women in quite senior positions are doing it.

“I don’t necessarily think it’s always because they want a promotion – you work long hours in the city, and end up spending a lot of time with your colleagues, so it’s bound to happen.

People tend to assume women [who sleep with their bosses] are doing it as some sort of career move though – whatever their motivation.

No matter what your intentions, or how bowled over by love you might be, the chances of creating a toxic working environment by sleeping with your boss are high.


And even if you both go out of your way to keep it out of the office, and to avoid any potential perks from your affair, that won’t be how other people see it. When I was 17 I started going out with my former manager at the branch of the well-known fast food chain we both worked at (golden arches anyone? However, he’d already left to work in a call centre before we got together, so I don’t think it counts.


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    Jake Tapper, on CNN, called it a “she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said situation”—and, of course, Trump said it, too.

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