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This represented the maximum rate at which points could be accrued without the use of bonus points and similar promotions. Up until mid-to-late January 2015, members had been limited to entering 100 points per week (through mid-to-late March 2017, 75), regardless of the number of codes redeemed per day (before that, the limit was 120 to early January 2014).Bonus points and promotional offers such as “Double Points Days” were still not subject to this weekly limit.Other than that, I imagine different cap colors would be variants by different bottlers and distributors, and wouldn't signify any changes in the formula. Is Kosher Coca-Cola available all year round in certain parts, then?And then we only see it more universally during the passover season? Wow, this could make me a soda drinker again, much to Labatt's chagrin. Is Kosher Coca-Cola available all year round in certain parts, then?The yellow-cap Coke is generally available in the US only around Passover.Then again, they ostensibly sell the Santa Claus Coke only around Christmas, and you can still find bottles un the shelves in February, so you might find it for a while yet.IIRC from the last time I was in Israel, all Israeli Coke (and Pespi, too) is made with real sugar rather than corn syrup, because the Israeli Rabbinate refuses to give their OK unless the soda is kosher for Passover all year round.

Coca-Cola bottle caps that are eligible for My Coke Rewards; those were awarded 3 points each, while the box tops of 12-packs awarded 10 points each, the 20-packs awarded 18 points each, the 24 or 28-packs awarded 20 points each, and the plastic wraps of 32-packs awarded 25 points each.

I don't drink as much soda as I used to, but I definitely intend to stock up on a few bottles of it since it tastes so much better than normal Coke.


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