Dating at the gym


I mean, you wouldn’t up your deadlift weight all at once, would you? Next to me was a guy who I’d seen in the studio for the past couple weeks.

No, because you’d get a hernia and kill any game you had going with the hot trainer spotting you. He was good looking and all, but I was dating someone at the time.

She recently realized that instead of just talking with her friends about the good, the bad, and the ugly of their dating lives, she could turn those sometimes-lousy, often great experiences into real-world advice, in the hopes of helping even just a few good men date with a little more style.

For that yoga babe who you thought scored a ten on the hotness scale – ditto! Well, the reality of dating a fitness freak – someone who eats, drinks, and breathes fitness!

Sure, you might need to reference fitness to break the ice: “Hey!

I see you’re wearing a Big Sur marathon shirt, I ran Chicago in 2013–how many have you run?


So how does this whole When you are dating a fitness freak, you can bid goodbye to those happy mornings when you could hug your pillow until about 8 and go to bed a couple of hours past midnight.With your new ‘fit’ partner around, going to bed after 11 will be a rarity and not waking up with the sun, a crime.Yep, get used to it and sing along – Once you bring your nose out of the plate of French fries and observe, you will see that fitness freaks love checking themselves out – which is why they love the gym – wall to wall mirrors, floor to ceiling mirrors, mirrors, mirrors, everywhere!Do you spend the majority of your time at the gym ogling the opposite sex?

Well, you’re in luck, as a new app plans to hook up like-minded gym bunnies together.

I bet I could bend you like pretzel.” Pause for that one to sink in… No, you’re not, but you can still crash and burn without even realizing you are doing so. Because insulting a girl is not going to get her to have a coffee with you. If you truly believe someone in the weight room, guy or girl, is about to hurt themselves, go find a trainer to intervene.


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