Dallas cowboy cheerleader dating buffalo bills player

The duo pretended to have a Lightsaber battle before Jones channelled his Dark Side powers.

Despite the lack of a championship, it doesn't take away that they are considered some of the greatest Buffalo Bills in history.This time, it was linebacker Karlos Dansby who had a stat stuffing type of game, finishing with seven tackles, a sack, interception, a tackle for loss and two passes defended.The most impressive stat coming out of that is the fact that this is Dansby’s second Player of the Week award in his career, and the first since 2007.Jones lined up out wide with remaining in the second quarter and the Bills trailing the New York Jets 7-0.

Tyrod Taylor took a snap from the 10-yard-line and fired a pass to Jones in the middle of the end zone.America's Team has it all: the players, the trophies, the cheerleaders, the fans -- all great reasons to get to for the Dallas Cowboys Shop experience.



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