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It was the size of an old school TV and had loads of faders on the front. The first guy I MCed for was [British dancehall DJ] DJ Flash. He was doing his set and I went up and jumped on the mic. ” he must have had that second thinking: “His dad’s on the committee…he’s paying my wage…” Then he started giving me a 15 minute slot, when he was going off talking to a girl or something. Those 15 minutes grew, and then I got a little residency in one club in Southampton. ” I said: “I’ve got melodies and lyric ideas, but I haven’t got music.” He said: “Well, I’ve got a load of music and I haven’t got a topline writer. “Fill Me In” went to number one at the same time Destiny’s Child released “Say My Name.” Having a number one over Destiny’s Child at their peak was just madness to me. The next night, the Queen B herself, Beyoncé was there.

That’s how I started, just putting down vocals and trying ideas. He was doing a show at a community centre in [south England city] Southampton and my dad was on the [venue’s] committee. At this point my MC name was MC Fade — [my] fade was on point back in the day, trust me. Upstairs were these guys called the Artful Dodger, who were playing speed garage and U. Come to the studio.” When you put out “Re-Rewind” and then “Fill Me In” and “7 Days,” did it feel like you got super famous fast? When “Fill Me In” started to get a bit of love, I remember being carried from Capital Radio to [London nightclub] Sound on the shoulders of two security guards. I could see them clearly, and I was thinking: “Is this actually for real?

Yeah, it’s cool — but when Skepta or Stormzy goes out on stage and there’s a mosh pit, that’s what it’s about. There’s a bit of angst going on, and there’s always politics [involved in award shows], but who’s coming to your shows? Will Kaytranada return the favor of your spot on his album? The bulk of this record will be going back to that U. R&B/garage, with a simple melody and a lyric that feels like it was written just for you. You know what, sometimes you have to go on a little journey to realise: Oh, it was just the R&B/garage you needed from me?

Oh right, let me do what I was doing right from the start.

He was a bass guitarist in his own right, and was in a reggae revival group called Ebony Rockers, way back in the day.

But I was more into the vocals, so he got me something called an Amstrad Studio 100 [a multitrack cassette recorder]. Mark Hill from the Artful Dodger said: “Have you got any songs? I’d gone from being a kid in Southampton with a hope and a dream, and the next thing I was in L. The first night Missy Elliott and Jennifer Lopez were there.

I meet Craig David on a Monday, but there’s no offer of a drink on Tuesday.


There came a point in Miami when my management said to me: “Craig, we feel like we lose you when you’re in Miami. K.] was the most pivotal move I made in my whole career. Were you prepared for the video of your Kurupt FM session going viral in September? in a way that felt very similar to when “Re-Rewind” dropped. I’m seeing 11, 12 year old kids tweeting that they’re on their way to school listening to a sick garage tune called “When The Bassline Drops” by this new artist Craig David. You’ve personally been nominated 12 times but never won. I wanted to do a through-and-through garage record.

Colin Lester, Craig’s manager, said this afternoon: “After the great success of his arena tour we realised this particular show would not work outdoors.

"For a better consumer experience, it has been moved to a more suitable venue that fits the particular elements of this show.

He’s wearing black jeans and a plain white T over his famously gym-built physique.

On his wrist is a watch that doesn’t tell the time, it just says “now.” It’s as if he has taken the philosophy of mindfulness and made it into a tangible, wearable object, and he tells me it reminds him to “align himself” and that life is “not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” No one could have predicted the journey Craig David has been on in the past 12 months.

"All customers who have already purchased tickets will be contacted by their ticket agent with new ticket information for one of the shows at the Mayflower Theatre within the next 48 hours.


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