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Add in the Iron Chef challenge and another couple to make it a double date and you have the perfect date night!

Plus, after you cook, you get to enjoy some delicious food and fabulous company.

Founded by Cristina Mucciardi in 2007, the evening's format has guests interact by cooking several courses and a sit-down meal.

to cook in the kitchen together because it always makes for good quality time.


This is not the time to break out your infamous so-spicy-it-hurts recipes, or anything that is super greasy.We decided to take this idea and turn it into a fun date night.Messes to Memories helped us create some adorable Iron Chef printables to make your date a smashing success.Invite your spouse and one of your favorite couple friends to join you on this date to make it a fun double date where you can create a delicious meal and then judge each other to determine the Iron Chef champion! Choose a theme for your date night like Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Island, or All-American.

Once you choose a theme for your date night, you can come up with your secret ingredients.

If you have the time, it would be fun to meet up and give each other a time limit to grab all the items they might need for the night’s festivities.


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