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It also ships with the latest firmware/driver updates containing security updates and fixes.The latest APS update is an addition to already existing data warehouse portfolio from Microsoft, covering a range of technology and deployment options that help customers get to insights faster.For more details see the presentation at Ignite by Drazen Sumic called “Modernize your on-premises applications with SQL Database Managed Instances (BRK2217)” and this blog post by Lindsey Allen.There was also a presentation at Ignite called “What’s new with Azure SQL Database: Focus on your business, not on the database (BRK2230)” on the new features in SQL Database (Adaptive Query Processing, SQL Graph, Automatic Tuning, Intelligent Insights, Vulnerability Assessment, Service Endpoint) as well details on Azure Data Sync and an introduction to Managed Instances.More info: Native database backup in Azure SQL Managed Instance Top Questions from New Users of Azure SQL Database Managed Instances versus Azure SQL Database—What’s the Right Solution for You?


Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is in private preview, and will be in public preview this calendar year and it will be generally available next calendar year.We’ve developed Azure SQL Database to be the ideal destination, with enterprise security, full application compatibility and unique intelligent Paa S capabilities that reduce overall TCO.In this session, through preview stories and demos learn what SQL Database Managed Instances are, and how you can use them to speed up and simplify your journey to cloud.It also features improved security for hybrid scenarios and the latest security and bug fixes through new firmware and driver updates.


APS 2016 runs on the latest SQL Server 2016 release and now uses the default database compatibility level 130 which can support improved query performance.

This appliance update builds on the SQL Server 2016 release as a foundation to bring you many value-added features.


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