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Based on pressure from the federal government, the ICC, the Sho-Bans, and the Sho-Bans attorneys, the .5 million was assigned to the Shoshone Bannock general fund.

Rather than dividing the 1971 Lemhi settlement among the approximately 500 Lemhis living at Fort Hall (refugeees since 1907), it was, essentially, divided among as many as 3000 people living at Fort Hall--the overwhelming majority of whom had no direct or indirect tie to Lemhi lands." Ever since the first encounter with the white man, we have been lied to.

Almost from the outset, however, the government and local residents began efforts to rescind the executive order reservation.

They ultimately succeeded in 1905, and in 1907 the Lemhi began what many have called the "Lemhi Trail of Tears," which saw their forced removal from their ancestral homelands to the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.

The Lemhi-Shoshone were prohibited from filing their own independent claim.

When their claim, Docket #326-1, came before the ICC, the Lemhi claim to their land 200 miles north of Fort Hall totaled .5 million.

His home is suitably fabulous, cosy yet opulent, comprising several terraced houses knocked through into one and extensively remodelled.



Back in the white heat of the Sixties, just the mention of Dave Clark's name could send teenage girls into paroxysms of screaming hysteria.A number of the Lemhi minority sought to intervene to reverse the decision and gain control over the claim.


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