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Possibly the most eye catching part of his performance were the intricate clippings on each of his stallions done by Dana Boyd, a professional horsewoman and body clipping specialist.The Military logos clipped into the coat of Orion, were by far the most remarkable and added the final touch to Jeff Wilson's tribute to the United States Military.A line started forming long before the meet and greet, and despite the heat there was nothing but excitement for the You Tube sensation.Cheers and smiles filled the tent when she walked in!The two runner ups included The Design Your Own Breyer Package, going for ,025!

And Sylvia Zerbini inspired the audience with her beautiful, dancing Arabian horses, displaying her intense connection with the animals. here are some pictures from this year's contest: The Breyer Fest 2016 live auction was a raging success! Well these weren't just any Breyers; each year the live auction collection is made up of rare, limited editions and even some test models! Lot #19 the Loping Quarter Horse as a Glossy Silver Bay Lot #27 a Grullo Semi-Leopard Appaloosa on the Valegro mold Lot #23 a Glossy Bay Pinto on the Lonesome Glory mold!According to Dana Boyd, the picture first appeared on Orion back in 2012 and she swore she would never do it again simply because of the intricacy and accuracy the design required.


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