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Featuring clips from Roulette performances, Roulette TV integrates interviews with the artists which illuminate their compositional influences, techniques and intentions.The Roulette TV collection includes many luminaries of the avant-garde as well as artists of the next generation such as Ben Greenberg, Mary Halvorson, Darius Jones, Tyshawn Sorey, Cassie Tunick, and C. Much of the work presented at Roulette is visually absorbing.The Surface mode corresponds to the surfaces the medium is capable of rendering.All visual media, online included, render content on their surfaces.


But it occurred to me this morning that in some ways Chat Roulette is a good illustration of a social interface principle I’ve been repeating for a couple years.The twitter stream that in normal twitter usage is one’s own personal and specifically individual view is now a common view — by virtue of the stream being one stream seen by all.And if it is behind the speaker, it is a public backchannel, and tweets will often reflect the audience’s awareness that their public commentary is literally behind the back of the speaker.By means of the absence of a collective or unifying experience (audience of more than two).


A similar kind of behavioral effect occurs when twitter streams are shown on stage during presentations — and differently when the stream is visible to the speaker.

I like to say that the social interface has three modes: Mirror, Surface, and Window.


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