Black panthers intimidating voters in philadelphia Sex chat in real time online

If you’d like to really pursue how the ejudication went down, here’s the link… Some folks are afraid of the elastic in their underwear.. There was nothing exceptional about it that merited federal attention — but it did. You think they were intimidating non-blacks, making this a racial thing? If two white dudes were hanging around a polling place in a white suburb looking mean and tough, would you describe the incident as having a “racial component?Because of what it represented — a type of attitude that needed to be confronted. So there’s no racial component here, and hanging out in front of a voting place while armed and asserting just who better win the election is no big deal. ” I understand you don’t really see a lot of black people, living in White Hampshire, but some places are positively full of them.Just about a year ago, a controversy was making it’s way through the conservative blogosphere that arose out of an incident at a Philadelphia, PA voting place on Election Day 2008 where two men representing something called the “New Black Panther Party”” were standing outside purporting to intimidate voters while a Fox News Channel camera recorded the whole thing. Commission on Civil Rights where Abigail Thernstrom, a Republican member of the Commission, called the case “small potatoes” while others on the right attempted to turn it into a huge scandal.The incident was investigated by the Department of Justice and, before Barack Obama became President, the decision was made not to pursue criminal charges in the matter. The controversy mostly died out when the Summer of 2010 ended and people began focusing on the election, but Rick Hasen at Election Law Blog notes that there was a final report issued by the DOJ back in March and it turns out that the whole story really was much ado about nothing:(1) the original NBPP controversy really was small potatoes, as Abby Thernstrom and Jonathan Adler concluded.


And it is only from the OPR report that one can get a clear sense as to the bona fide dispute among those at DOJ over how to handle the case.It’s always quite amusing (not to mention delusional) whenever anyone accuses Doug, of all people, of being a leftist in anyway…there are many others who would beg to differ with this faulty accusation…Like or Dislike: You are right, Doug is not a leftist; he is left leaning.I thought the conservative ideal was toughness and self-reliance, rather than victim hood (in this case, can’t vote because two comically dressed guys are hovering around the booth). Of course, that’s assuming the picture is of the gentlemen in question, and not just some stock photo or clip from a B-movie.


Like or Dislike: When a hypothetical flash mob of minority teens descends upon a solitary polling precinct somewhere in a white neighborhood in a major US city, it, too, will be treated as ‘small potatoes’ by the Govt-sponsored Media Complex, if the Obama Regime, with Eric “Americans are Racial Cowards” Holder continues as the ersatz Attorney General at the helm of the US Civil Rights Commission. I’m sure that he understands how it feels to be ‘small potatoes’ in the bigger scheme of things.But it is good that you reveal that you are willing to accept the subjugation of law to politics, or rather to the right political party.


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