Black black dating kryptonite man man white woman dating while separated cheating


Instead of wanting a Jennifer Lopez or Penelope Cruz, niggas needed a Spanish girl who was mixed with some Black Jamaican and maybe a few ounces of White Swedish.

And instead of getting hype over Stacey Dash and Nia Long, negroes felt they needed MORE and all of a sudden being a Black woman was NOT hot in the streets unless she had some White Icelandic and a dash of Latin Chile.

Of course, there are also stereotypes about white men held by Black women who date them, but I won't discuss that here because single Black men don't present those relationships as a leading reason for their unmarried status, or for their difficulty in finding single Black women.

And what must the white woman think upon hearing from her male counterpart as well as from Black women that she is the object of every Black man's sexual desires?


There are Black men who, every day, are dating, loving and marrying Black women and others still, who are waiting and searching, just as many Black women wait and search for Black men to love.In my own experience, I have had a number of white women approach me.My preference is Black women, and in two separate situations, I have had the white women explain that they don't understand why I want to date Black women when Black women are so open about their disdain for Black men.The popular stereotypes are perpetuated about Black men as well as white women.

The stereotypes about white women dictate that white women are easier to deal with because they have brighter dispositions and are more supportive.

"Not that the whites made a conscious, calculated effort to do this, but (they) brainwashed Blacks by the very processes the whites employed to indoctrinate themselves with their own group standards." We can see this indoctrination in the expensive weaves and the silly wigs that some Black women insist on wearing, looking foolish while blaming Black men for subjugating them into oppressive styles of beauty.


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