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Commander Cruger enters the doorway of the rec room and calls Sam over. The rest of the cadets are put out by Commander Cruger's favoritism over the newest Ranger.

Later the cadets and Omega Ranger are in the command center with Commander Cruger.

Mysticon then asks for a volunteer for the next portion of the show. Sam reports this to Commander Cruger and Commander Cruger tells him to contact the other Rangers. The Rangers are still having difficulty in containing Mysticon.

Bridge waves his hand enthusiastically, but Mysticon calls on Dr. Commander Cruger is furious when Sam tells him that they're in the audience. The Rangers follow and soon a battle erupts on outside. Green Ranger struggles with Syd and convinces her to suit up. In the command center, Kat has a new weapon for the Rangers.



At the same time, Broodwing is enraged that the rangers destroyed the robot that Grumm forced him to give away for free, vowing revenge on both Grumm and the rangers.The B-Squad regulars deal with them and help Cruger defeat and overcome both Grumm and Omni, before being promoted to A-Squad status.During the course of the strip, a running sub-plot involving a rogue Krybot who had become self-aware and rebelled against Grumm gradually unfolded, he would resurface to warn SPD of Grumm's invasion attempt in the final story and supply Jack with a device that once inserted on the Terror, would incapacitate the Krybot fleet.Unlike "Endings", Jack does not leave the team, in another change, the Rangers do not decline the position of A-Squad (in the season, the rank of A-Squad was discarded in light of the previous team tarnishing it with their treacherous ways).


Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply. It is also the title for the Korean dub of Dekaranger in South Korea, whose logo is similar to the American series. Jetix Magazine is the official magazine of Jetix, the channel that showed S. In the strip, A-Squad are brainwashed instead of corrupted and turn against their superiors.


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