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Includes online merchants, websites for department stores, retail stores, catalogs, as well as sites that aggregate and monitor prices.

Sites listed here should be online merchants that sell a variety of items (or whose main purpose is online sales).

Development and distribution of programs, how-to-advice and/or tips that may result in the compromise of networks and systems.

Also includes sites that facilitate the bypass of licensing and digital rights systems.

A webpage for a cosmetics company that also happens to allow online purchasing should be categorized with cosmetics and not shopping.

Topics relating to the general population, issues that impact a large variety of people, such as fashion, beauty, philanthropic groups, societies, or children. Includes websites designed for children as well as restaurants.

Should not include sites that provide peer-to-peer file exchange services or general streaming media.

Sites that provide and/or utilize dynamic DNS services to associate domain names to dynamic IP addresses.


Official websites for schools, colleges, universities, school districts, online classes, and other academic institutions.

Sites that provide access to or clients for peer-to-peer sharing of torrents, download programs, media files, or other software applications.


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