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Rules for acting respectful and polite in cyberspace.These rules help keep the Internet safe and friendly.Many mobile devices can use wireless or cell phone networks to connect to the Internet.Learn more: Defending Mobile Devices A peripheral device that converts analog signals into digital signals, and vice versa.

If you're doing something you don't want other people to see, don't do it on a public computer. Here you will find useful resources for cyber defense and web research, all nicely organized by Maya, the Academy's librarian.

Learn more: Managing Your Online Identity A type of domain that originally indicated a website was run by a non-profit or non-commercial organization.

See Peer-to-Peer Network A device or software program that spies on packets traveling between networked computers, collecting them so a cyber criminal can look at them later.

Learn more: Betty's Guide to Netiquette A group of computers and devices connected by communications channels, either wired or wireless, which allows users to communicate and share resources, like peripherals, with each other.

The deliberate disruption of a computer network, either by destroying it or blocking it.The spy can then read and change the data as they intercept it.


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