A problem while validating the state of active directory

Thanks for your advises, I just made another user and started the installation. The owa works fine and I can login into that and send or receive mails for internal/external addresses. Disable the 'Password must meet complexity requirements' 5.

But I can not use outlook to send/receive mails through exchange server. I can add the mail account in outlook, but after restarting outlook, there is an error: Use the Group Policy Management Console (gpmc.msc) to change policies and to change password policies: 1. Expand Computer configuration, Policies, Windows Settings, Security Settings, Account Policies. Click OK By outlook you mean outlook client, well let me tell you exchange has a capability to allow you to access mailbox using pop/imap and mapi access.Check your domain controller communication - DCdiag and netdiag. Thanks for helping me, Now i have successfully completed Exchange 2007 Installation, iam heading towards to create mailboxs and management.



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