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Citing a lack of adequate luxury boxes, in October, Astros Vice-President Bob Mc Claren claimed that renovations to the Astrodome would help increase revenue. In June 1996, University of Houston alumnus, BMC Software and San Diego Padres owner, John J.

According to the organization, the team was in danger of being sold to a Virginia businessman who was expected to move the Astros to Washington D. Moores, who wanted to own the next NFL franchise in Houston, met with Texas State Senator Mario Gallegos, Jr., and other local Hispanic leaders in regards to the future of a football-only Astrodome and a new baseball-only ballpark in Downtown Houston.

In June 1997, with the ability to create a sports authority signed into law, concurrent votes of the Harris County Commissioners' Court and the Houston City Council to establish the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority on effective September 1, 1997.

They were the most modern stadiums in the world, and now they're saying they're all bad.

Exterior walls were constructed of granite, limestone, and terracotta, while the interior used an extensive amount of marble. At the time, Houston, with seventeen railways, was considered the main railroad hub of the Southern United States.

The station served as the main inter-city passenger terminal for Houston for over seven decades thereafter.

The ballpark was built as a replacement of the Astrodome, the first domed sports stadium ever built, which opened in 1965.


It is named for beverage brand Minute Maid, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, which acquired naming rights in 2002 for 0 million over 30 years.

A November referendum was planned for Harris County residents to approve the deal.



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