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He is a Lecturer in Criminal Justice Studies at San Francisco State University and is a police practices and security consultant.Authors: James Dudley This story tagged under: Gun Control Mass Shootings Law And Order Show Comments More from POLITICO Magazine Washington And The World What Is Putin Really Up To in Syria?It was only Mother Jones that directly investigated the connection between mental illness and gun violence.The article, “The Guide to Mass Shootings in America,” highlighted high-profile and prolific active shooters who suffered from severe mental illness.The first clue is the alias he used on some social media sites, “lithium_love.” The drug Lithium is commonly used to treat bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression.

Americans for Responsible Solutions, a group founded by Gabrielle Giffords after a mentally ill gunman shot Arizona congresswoman, found that the law “required the prospective purchaser to, in effect, police his own eligibility.” There also are gaps and problems with the 1993 Brady Law Act, which mandated a criminal and mental health background check before the purchase of a firearm.In essence, they say that increased stigmatization of the mentally ill is a bigger worry than addressing the few who should be denied firearms.That logic seems flawed in light of the recent spike in mass-casualty shootings—from one in 2000 to a high of 26 incidents in 2010.Since the 1996 congressional mandate, CDC funding for firearm-related violence studies has dropped from .7 million in 1995 to almost zero in 2013.

Congress extended this ban in the wake of the massacre in a Charleston, South Carolina, church, that left nine people were dead.

It’s little surprise that this tragedy occurred in a state like Colorado, which has relatively lax gun-control laws—rather than in California, which has much stricter controls on firearm possession by the severely mentally ill.



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